[拆機] HTC CHT9000 / Dopod 838pro 觸控偏移問題解決方式(Touch screen issue)

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HTC CHT9000 --- The first custom-made 3G Smartphone made by HTC was launched by Chung-Hwa Telecom Taiwan, is the best-seller model which more than 10,000 units were shipped within 2 months as it launched. The other family members are all in the same hardware specification as CHT9000, they are HTC TyTN, HTC Hermes & Dopod 838 Pro. Unfortunately, it(CHT9000) comes up a severe issue on its touch screen with a high failure rate. My Dopod 838 Pro got same problem as well right after 72 hours running.

這支號稱在國內兩個月之內銷售破萬的暢銷熱機 --- CHT9000,
囊括 WiFi、Bluetooth 等雙無線功能的 3G PDA手機,功能之強大
HTC Hermes, HTC TyTN, 以及甫上市的 Dopod 838Pro,

HTC CHT9000             HTC TyTN                      Dopod 838 pro

HTC Hermes: (Picture linked from

然而,在國內率先上市的 CHT9000,近來卻頻傳在觸控定位不準確的問題,

How to know if your device is in trouble???

1. 進入「記事」編輯模式,以觸控筆自右上畫直線至左下方,

Start a new "Notes" on your CHT9000 by drawing a straight line from upper left corner to lower right, monitor the gap between the end of the straight line and the location where the stylus tip stops.

2. 以下範例為「行事曆」的編輯畫面,利用筆尖在螢幕右下方長時間壓按使其跳出小型選單,

Or you can tap-and-hold at the lower right corner of the screen in any other editing mode and measure the distance between pen tip and the central location where the circle pop-up before a sub-menu shows.

3. 當觸控偏移發生以下狀況時,即使點選螢幕右側外框邊緣,

You won't be able to reach the scroll bar at the right side when touch panel got offset as serious as the picture shown below.

A Japanese site has announced the CHT9000 hardware issue and solutions prior to my writing, see link below:

底下圖文為 Larry 親自實作之紀錄,提供各位參考。


This reworking will void your warranty!!!
For those devices that are still in warranty period,
please call service center for help.

Steps to eliminate touch screen issue:

A. 拆解電池背蓋,取下SD卡、SIM卡、電池本體後,卸下後方外殼,拆解機板並鬆開LCD固定螺絲。

B. 拆解螢幕部分時須注意與之連結的軟排線。

C. 圖片為LCD部分,問題肇因於螢幕前方外殼內部的海綿襯條,壓迫到觸控螢幕的範圍。

Here it is!!! As the red line shows at the right side of the touch screen, where there was a pressure applied from a sponge strip under the front cover(casing) and made that issue resulted. Idealy, for a LCM (a module combined with LCD and touch panel glass top), the "Touchable" area should equal to the "Viewable" area.( or the "touchable" area can be a little bit wider, it would be acceptable) In this case, the "Touchable" area is much wider so that the front casing may often apply a pressure to touch panel via the sponge strip under the front cover(casing).

D. 撕下前殼右側內部(翻轉後為左側)之海綿襯條。

Remove the sponge strip from the front cover. (Shown as the picture below)

PS. A sponge strip applied here as a spacer right between the LCM and front cover.

E. 取下海綿襯條後並清潔完成的外殼內部。

When done, assemble all parts and casing.

F. 組裝回復所有零件以及外殼裝配,建議重新開機後進行一次筆觸定位。

It is recommended to perform "Screen alignment" once right after restart the device.

For my Dopod 838 pro, I used to perform screen alignment more than 5 times a day. Now I am happy on tapping anything accurately after reworking...


- by Larry
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