[改機] 我的手機不再泛藍- CHT9000 超白光改裝

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藍光 --- 打從GSM手機時代開始有了藍色鍵盤燈、藍色螢幕出現,

Blue light is widely applied to plenty of consumer electronics nowadays as the light source for backlighting and illumination. While it looks cool, products with words and symbols in blue light are more difficult to quickly read and identify since the wave length of blue light is known in Physics for its easily scattered characteristics.

手頭上這支與 CHT9000 相同規格的 Dopod 838 Pro (HTC Hermes),


Personally, I don't like blue backlight, because that "blue" really makes me "BLUE"...   Therefore I changed the backlight color by replacing all the blue LEDs with high intensity white LEDs. Refer to the picture shown below and see the difference.


** 任何非經原廠認可之硬體規格變造、自行拆機等行為,將致使原廠保固失效!!!
Warning: Any hardware cracking, modification is at your own risk, it will void warranty!!!

1. 取下電池蓋、電池、Micro SD、SIM card 與觸控筆,卸下角落四顆螺絲。
Remove battery cover, main battery, Micro SD card, SIM card and stylus, locate the 4 screws on each corner then remove them.

2. 拆下背蓋後,再取下相機鏡頭右上方一顆螺絲。
Disassemble the rear housing, remove the screw pointed out by the screw driver in this picture.

3. 拆下排線接頭。(起子尖端指示處)
Disconnect the flat cable which the screw driver is pointing to in this picture.

4. 翻開主機板後即可看到鍵盤電路板。
The keyboard PCB is under the main board.

5. 取下鍵盤電路板,這就是本次改裝的主角。
Here is the keyboard PCB, the component which is about to be modified.

6. 藍色圓圈標示 LED 所在,以10個白光LED替換調原本的藍色。
I will apply the 10 white LEDs (shown sealed in black tape under the ruler) instead of the blue ones which are circled in this picture.

6. 安裝之前,務必確認LED之極性。
Make sure you've located the component polarity correctly before soldering.


換成白光之後,我的 838 Pro 不再泛藍啦~! 你喜歡哪一個?歡迎貼上來說說你的感覺。

Here comes a closer look for your reference. Which do you prefer, the white or blue backlight? You are quite welcome to post your comment here. Yahoo~... My Hermes will never be so "BLUE"!!!

A secret of Hermes...

Can anyone tell the difference after the keyboard backlight color was changed???  Yes! The keypad was actually printed in two-tone color - white color for displaying QWERTY characters and blue for symbols & function keys. However, you would never have known this if those blue LEDs had been unchanged. HTC did a great job hiding such a "secret"!!!


鍵盤燈改為白色之後,各位是否看出有什麼不同?嗯,是的!鍵盤事實上早有雙色印刷的設計,英文字母是白色的,而符號與功能鍵則是藍色,但是在藍光的照明下根本無法被區分出來。幹得好啊 HTC!竟然隱藏了這個秘密!?
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